Sergiu Andreca

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Here is what my other clients say about me

Ciprian Soleriu

Host and founder of Launch With Patners

”Sergiu is a guru when we are talking about webdesign. He was very happy to help me anytime with an clear answer anytime I asked him.”

Copywriter - Conversion Academy

“It is a pleasure to work with Sergiu, even when you're not a tech person. He always has a fast solution for your request, doesn't matter how crazy it is. He also a good speaker and explained me how everythings works and what he did. (Not all IT guys can do this)”

Razvan Boca

About me

I started my online journey 11 years ago. I still remember those times, I had a news website build only with HTML, without using any CMS. Each time when I had to add a new article I had to write al HTML for it.
Two years ago I started doing freelancing. The main reason for doing it is that I want to turn people ideas (or dreams) into reality. I love to say that building a website as you want is more important than making it perfect.