Local Loan Officer Helps
First-Time Texas Home Buyers
Purchase For Little-to-No Money Down,
Even If Your Credit Score Doesn't Look That Hot

It's 2017, and too many people think they've missed their chance at affordable home ownership. It's a more realistic goal than you'd think - and if you're in Texas, I'm here to help.


My name is Elmer Salazar, and I help first-time home buyers find loans – even if they have a bad credit score, or can't get together enough money for a down-payment.

How is that possible?​ Simply put, I'm an expert in the many different kinds of home financing options that exist today. I get your information, ask you a few questions, and then use my many resources to get you into the home you want through a loan that you can comfortably afford.

I'll also answer every question you have about credit scores. Are you afraid yours is too low to qualify? Fear not! I'll let you in on a little secret from the mortgage industry: we think of your credit score as "the easiest problem to fix." ​If you apply for a loan with me, and your credit score is a little too low to qualify, you'll get our credit repair service – the same kind offered by paid credit repair companies – free of charge!

You Deserve a Home

Stop paying rent, start building equity. ​

No matter how much it costs you to rent your current home, every dollar you put out is a dollar lost. Are you one of the many would-be home buyers who spend years saving up for a 20% down payment? Then you need to know about the special programs that can drastically reduce or eliminate the down payment required to buy. And there's a good chance you already have the income you need to become a homeowner!

Even if you've already asked the big banks and been disappointed,​ get a second opinion

My company and I have helped so many people buy homes through the country's most flexible loan programs, we're able to secure better terms for our customers. Contact me, and I'll talk to you about our requirements for FHA, USDA, and other programs. You may be surprised at how easy it is to qualify!