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About me

I'm Sergiu, and my friends call me "the remote guy of Cluj", because you might find me with my laptop working from a random coffee shop or a co-working space.

I always dreamed to be able to work from anywhere in the world while having a good living. My freelancing career started in september 2014, 8 months later my wish come true. Having a good income gave me the freedom that I always wanted.

In 2016 I launched my own projects, Work in Cluj, a platform for remote people in my city, followed by Work from Dubai.

You can see a picture of me working from Burj Khalifa, it happened last year when I've been working from Dubai for two weeks.

You can find me here:


Being a freelancer left me enough free time to be able to work on my own dreams.
Here you can see two of my own projects that I launched so far.

Work in Cluj is a platform where remote workers can find the best places in town to work remote. Here you can find reviews for best coffee shops and co-working spaces in the city of Cluj Napoca, and decide which place is going to be your office for next day. You can also find useful tips for freelancers on the blog, check it out!

I was able to launch it after one year of freelancing by spending only a few $. How I did it? I was offering my services in exchange for other services, like graphic design and copywriting.

Work from Dubai is a project similar with Work in Cluj. I applied the same business model, but this time for a different city. This time, my audience are not the local people, but mainly tourists that come to visit or do business in the city of Dubai.

In 2016 I decided that I want to go to visit and work from Dubai for a while. Because I already had the other project launched I did some research and because I didn't find another similar project in Dubai I said that is the perfect moment to launch it also in here.


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